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MLEditor Introduction (latest version 2.2)

MLEditor (Multi-Language Editor) is a handy but still professional multi-language text editor. It provides professional features for language/localization experts as well as for general computer users, such as  conversions between ANSI/Unicode/Unicode BE/UTF-8, professional conversions between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, professional English case conversion, professional character/word/line/paragraph count for files and folders, word management features, batch replace, etc.

1. Intelligent Multi-Language Text Reader and Editor
MLEditor was designed to help people read and edit ANSI text or text files in a language code other than the language code for the operating system he/she is working on. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Turkish...all languages supported by Microsoft Windows are supported by MLEditor. Intelligent techniques are involved in helping read and edit text/text files in multiple languages.

2. Various Unicode-Related Conversions Including the all-purpose Clipboard Unicode Conversion Show (Unicode/Unicode BE <-> ANSI (in any languages)/UTF-8) and fluent conversions between Unicode and ANSI in current source/destination text/languages.

3. Professional-Quality Conversions Between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
Based on its leading intelligent conversion engine - MLEditor provides clipboard conversion, edit area conversion, file/Web page and site conversions between GBK and Big5 at professional quality. It also supports conversions between "Simplified Chinese" and "Traditional Chinese" within the big GBK table.

4. Professional English Case Conversion
You can change the case of a phrase or a paragraph between all upper, all lower, caption and sentence styles. The cases of proper nouns and non-capitalized words are considered during case conversions.

5. Professional Character/Word/Line/Paragraph Counts for Files and Folders
Professional character count, word count, line count and paragraph count for text, files and folders (the key statistics are the same as those by Microsoft Word). While most applications providing the word count feature do not even know there are differences between word count results for text in English, Simplified Chinese in GBK and Traditional Chinese in Big5, MLEditor has been specially optimized separately for text in these three languages or language variations, so its results are the same as those by respective versions of Microsoft Word.

6. Control Editing
Its unique dual-editing-area design with independent and complete text editing and file support for each area makes it a great tool in editing or reading text or text files one against another.

7. Handy text file preview
You can open any text files from Windows Explorer easily just in the way you open zip files with WinZip, though in a multi-language way.

8. Find, Replace and Batch Replace
Professional find/replace as well as the featured Batch Replace function which supports unlimited rounds of replaces in one click. Regular expressions are supported. A batch can be saved to / extracted from a file for long term use.

9. Glossary Management
Line sorting, redundant line management, and glossary entry mergence, split and swap. The word adjustment systems itself is also an advanced phrase management system.

10. Desktop Sticky Note and Much More
You can easily manage the appearance of MLEditor, and set it as a sticky note, text verifier, or notepad, or a fully-equipped the feature of profile management.