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License Agreement


Please read the following information carefully before registering or using this product. If you do not agree to the terms of the following License Agreement, do not register or use it. Please delete it completely from your computer.


This Program - Anasoft Scheduler PE (Personal Edition) - is the copyrighted property of its producer. All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to This Program are reserved.

User's Rights
* Use (number of computers, number of users and duration):

With one license, a license holder can register and use REGISTERED copies of This Program on up to three (3) of his/her own computers, and use this product by and only by himself/herself. One copy of Anasoft Scheduler PE License shall NOT be shared by two or more users. If you have already installed and used REGISTERED copies of This Program on up to three (3) of your computers, you can also install and registered it on new computers, ONLY IF you have already deleted This Program from one or more previous computer(s), and keep the number of computers where you installed registered copy of This Program within 3 computers. The limit of 3 applies to number of computers, there is NO special limit on the number of operating systems where you can activate and use This Program by one license, if this computer is within the number of 3 licensed computers.
* Update: 
A licensed user can update to newer versions free of charge for 3 years. After that, if the user would like to continue using this product, he/she can buy an update at a favorite price.

* Spread:
You can spread the installation packs of This Program freely in any means to any people, but you must spread them free of charge. If you hope to charge others when you spread this software, you must receive express written permission from the software producer.

User's Responsibilities

Except as may be permitted by applicable law or this Agreement, you shall NOT break, or actually break the following limitations. Producer of This Program can stop providing service for a user without refund and without notice, if this user breaks the following responsibilities first. If there are severe results caused by the user by breaking the following limitations, he/she shall be fully responsible for the loss of the product producer caused by his/her corresponding actions:
* The only way you are allow to activate This Program is to activate it with a registration code legally purchased, or granted without charge, from Anasoft Studio or any of our specified registration agents. Crack of This Program (eliminating the evaluation limitations in any other way), or using a cracked copy of This Program is clearly prohibited.
* You cannot decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble this software or any of its components.
* Except for adding/modifying new UI language file(s) under the folder "language", or managing configuration files with the configuration UIs provided by This Program, you cannot modify, reproduce, rent, add or delete components or files, or produce derivative works based upon This Program in whole or in part.
* You cannot maintain This Program activated by one registration code on more than 3 computers, computer terminals, or workstations at the same time.
* You cannot sell, rent, lease license (registration code) of This Program, or copy/copies of This Program activated by some license, or even spread a license or an activated installation pack for any reason without charge, to public or any other people, without express written permission from the software producer.
* Your license cannot be transferred.
* You cannot use This Program on any activities against your local laws or regulations.