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Release Notes (Anasoft Scheduler PE 2.7 - January 1, 2014)

Anasoft Scheduler PE 2.7 (January 2014)

1. [Fixed a bug when adding new task]  When a new tasked was added, the first existing task was sometimes converted to the new one. The bug has been fixed.

2. [Installation package: Unicode encoding is employed for better compatibility] Unicode encoding is employed in installation package to better suit various operating systems. more.


Built-in New Version Auto-update Mechanism

Anasoft Scheduler PE supports built-in new version auto-detection and download. If there is no problem in your internet connection, there is no need for you to worry when a new version is available.


Once a stable new version or a stable minor new build of Anasoft Scheduler PE is available at Anasoft Studio, Anasoft Scheduler PE will prompt you for the news when you open your Anasoft Scheduler PE. You may just let Anasoft Scheduler PE download and install the new version automatically for you. Don't forget to exit from your opening Anasoft Scheduler PE for new version of Anasoft Scheduler PE to be installed on your computer.


Download (Anasoft Scheduler PE 2.7 - File Size: 1,211 KB)


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