Release Notes (Version 2.2)

MLEditor 2.2 (February 2012)

1. [Windows 7 Compatibility] Fixed the bug that some registration codes could not get through in Windows 7 (64-bit).
2. [Find/Replace] Fixed the bug that when doing Replace All, the Find and Replace strings were not added to the Find and Replace history lists respectively.
3. [Other improvements] Some other modifications and improvements on program and documentation.


MLEditor 2.1 (September 2011)

1. [Batch Replace: Cut, Copy and Paste] Added Cut, Copy and Paste to the Batch Replace dialog box. These operations all support multi-select operations and can be of great convenience for bulk editing of the batch replace package. These functions can also be executed via the context menu of the instruction list.
2. [Other improvements] Fixed the bug in recent versions that update detection could sometimes run into error.


MLEditor 2.0 (August 2011)

1. [Important feature upgrade: Find/Replace and Batch Replace now support standard regular expressions] Since this version, Find/Replace and Batch Replace support standard regular expressions. The powerful combination of batch replace and regular expression brings you peak experience as a text editing master. Regular expression is a highly professional technology. It can bring you great convenient if you spend a while to learn its basics. For advanced users, we have several select online regular expression tutorials in the help topic Find and Replace for you to learn from. 
2. [Batch Replace: Multi-select operations, context menu] Now you can select multiple find/replace entries at a time to delete, move up or move down. Besides, a context menu is added when you right click the list. It supports Add, Delete, Modify, Move Up and Move Down.
3. [Other improvements] Various other improvements and bug fixes.


Past and Future

MLEditor keeps improving. There will be new minor update every 1-2 months, or less, and major update 1-2 times a year. Please visit MLEditor Homepage for the most recent versions of this product regularly. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to write us:



If you like to know the history of this product, please read:


History of MLEditor


Recent Plan

1. Improvement of the whole program so it can be more stable, smooth and more intelligent - Though user may not find it on the first sight, we believe there are still many minor hidden bugs to be fixed, and many minor functions can be improved, so the program can be used more comfortably - more stable, smoother and more intelligent..

2. Code recognition for other major languages (Japanese, Korean...).

3. More languages versions of UI resources.

4. Find and Replace in a file or a whole directory and other professional functions as a text editor.

5. Improvement on code conversion engine - More improvements on it so the GBK/Big5 conversion engine can be more stable. And more conversion types if we find it necessary.

6. Several other important new techniques - plans for several other important new techniques are under consideration so user can use it more smoothly as a professional multi-language editor.

7. Your suggestions and bug reports - any suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Please send it to: