Release Notes (Version 1.5.2)

Helena 1.5.2 (August 2011)


1. [Minor UI update] Several minor updates on tip and status information.


Helena 1.5.1 (June 2011)


1. [Fixed the bug that Clock Synchronization ran into error] The international atomic clock time server failed unexpectedly recently, which caused Scheduler's Clock Synchronization failed to function properly. In this version, we added 10+ backup time servers, so as long as your computer can properly connect to the Internet, you will never have to worry about the re-emergence of this problem.


Helena 1.5 (April 2011)


1. [New: File System Instructions] The File System Instructions group is enabled.  Instructions in this group include Run (Program), Open, New, Cut, Copy, Paste, Create Shortcut, Delete, Rename/Move and Properties. They are the typical file system commands you can use in Windows Explorer's context menu.

2. [New: VME context menu] A context menu was added for the instruction list in Visual Macro Editor.

3. [New: Edit macro source file] When you edit a macro with Visual Macro Editor (VME). you can click the Source button at the bottom left of VME to edit its plain-text script file. After you save changes and close this file, VME will prompt you to accept changes and load it into VME.

4. [Errors and Warnings] There were only errors in previous macro validation report. Now some of the Errors are categorized as Warnings. You cannot run a macro with errors, but you still can run a macro only with warnings. An instruction with a warning may have some kind of problem(s), but it may also go through at run-time. You'd better look into it individually.

5. [Macro Properties: Apply current screen size] When the screen size of the macro is not the same as the current screen size, you will see a button at the right of the screen size parameters, by clicking which you can conveniently set macro screen size as the current screen resolution.

6. [Visual Instruction Editor: "Planned" mark for unused instruction type] If an instruction type still haven't been implemented, you will see the text Planned after the type name.

7. [Other bug fixes and improvements] Other bug fixes and improvements, especially within VME, where appropriate.



1. [Clear and Stop Countdown] With this new command in the Scheduler menu or context menu, you can clear and stop a pending or paused countdown schedule. Its shortcut key is Ctrl+L.


Past and Future

Helena keeps improving. There will be new minor update every 1-2 months, or less, and major update 1-2 times a year. Please visit Helena Homepage for the most recent versions of this product regularly. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to write us:



If you like to know the history of this product, please read:


History of Helena


Recent Plan

1. Improvement of the whole program so it can be more stable, smooth and more intelligent -- Though user may not find it on the first sight, we believe there are still many minor hidden bugs to be fixed, and many minor functions can be improved, so the program can be used more comfortably - more stable, smoother and more intelligent..

2. Implementation for more advanced features in the instruction engine.

3. Better UI.

4. More languages versions of UI resources.

5. Providing some macro examples.

6. Your suggestions and bug reports - any suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Please send it to: