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1. Main UI


2. Recording a macro




3. VME - The Integrated Visual Macro Editor



4. Editing the Properties of a Macro



5. Editing the Variables of a Macro




6. VIE - Visual Instruction Editor


7. Editing Keyboard and Text Instructions


8. Editing Mouse Instructions



9. Editing Control Instructions



10. Debugging a Macro




11. Running a Macro







12. Quick Bar






13. Setting Options









1. Main UI


2. Task



3. Sound


4. Schedule



5. Countdown can be used on a job where certain length of time (such as a 2-hour or 30-hour study or training plan) is required. You can pause a countdown for a break and continue when you are ready to go on.



6. Randomization


7. Waiting Time


8. Special Windows Operations


9. Clock Synchronization