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Introduction to Helena (Latest Version 1.5.2)

Anasoft Helena is a productivity enhancing tool pack including Anasoft Autowork and Anasoft Scheduler. Autowork is a system level instruction engine, or you can call it an extended macro tool. You can use it to perform streams of user actions and system operations automatically and in a controllable way. Scheduler is a delicate scheduler, reminder and organizer. It can also be used to schedule the running of Autowork macros. These two tools can work together to help you complete tedious repetitive jobs in your work or life automatically and achieve goals you cannot imagine without them.

Autowork - A system-level instruction engine
1) Its basic part is a macro recorder and player.
2) But in fact it's much more than that. It's an instruction engine by which you can perform streams of user actions and many system operations. You can edit your macro within a cozy but strong visual macro editing environment, you can add flexible repeat controls, can debug it, can integrate running of your macro with Windows Explorer, and can schedule your macro up to your imagination by the strong Anasoft Scheduler.

Scheduler - Super scheduler, reminder and organizer
1) Scheduler is a super and independent scheduler itself which can schedule Windows tasks daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, at specified days/dates, at logon on, count down or at repeating intervals. Randomization based on regular scheduling is also supported.
2) It can also be used together with Autowork to schedule the running of Autowork macros.
3) It's also a convenient reminder and personal organizer.


Examples where Helena can help you

Clerk Start profiles for 30 customers, or modify them, fill 6 tables similar for each customer, and send a congratulations email after the profile was done.

Researcher Extract data from 6 device related software from different device vendors each 30 minutes from 9 pm on the 3rd day of this month, until 10 pm on 6. Record extracted data in 3 files in different format, and record time of extraction.

Network Manager Click on 500 network nodes to see if they still work

Programmer/QA Left Autowork test all the 60 functions of your program for 100 times with just a click from you.

Tired and just like to stay lazy like a cat Left Autowork create 1000 folders and 10000 files on your computer, and delete them all, within just 1 minute!

New Year is coming Write a greeting letter, send it to your friends, 20 by emails, 12 by icq, and 6 on MSN.

Look for data on web Click open 100 web site, create a separate folder for each of them under a general folder, and save the page to respective folder

Data extraction Write a macro, and let Autowork to run it. The macro will extract all the 23217 records from the database which provides only one Windows from 1 record, with 12 fields for each record. All data will be saved in 3 files, Autowork finished the total procedure with only 15 minutes, and you are sleeping while it works.

Data recording: Almost the same like above, except the procedure goes in reverse

Timely Reminding (housewife) You have a chicken be stewed, and it will be ready in 20 minutes. You are sleepy and look for a nap. So set 20 minutes on Scheduler. It will beep or play music 20 minutes later to wake you up when the chicken is just ready.

Timely Reminding (manager) Arrange schedules for today, this week, or this month, and remind you when time is up by beeping, or playing music, just sending me an email. If the computer hasn't been open at the time, remind me instantly when computer started. Record a macro, when you click to run it, all weekend summaries from all your 20 employees will be downloaded from the intranet and compressed and saved. If you are not at office, let Scheduler do it at 7:00 pm, and shut down computer after that.