Privacy Statement


Anasoft Studio devotes to the development, maintenance and customer services for our shareware products. Our services, as well as the interaction between us and our users or partners are heavily dependent on network. Anasoft Studio, including our official site www.speedy7.com (same below) promises to protect personal privacy of registered users, other web users who communicate with us through network for certain reason, and protect commercial privacy of our partners to a reasonable extent.

Privacy Protection for Registered Users
For the purpose of customer services and product statistics, Anasoft Studio requires our users to provide some personal data during registration. Typical personal data are personal information and contact information as listed below. If a user is an organization user, our privacy protection strategy applies to the contact person or this organization, or we will provide some privacy protection of this organization under the rule of protecting harmless customers:

  • Personal Information: The major parts are real name, company. sometimes more information such as age, personal id number, educational background, working area, location is required.

  • Contact Information: The major parts are e-mail (2 e-mails preferred), phone number, postal address. sometimes more information such as Skype is required.

Besides, our partner registration centers may also require you to submit your credit card number, so they can correctly process your order. These numbers will NOT be passed to us. If a customer orders a product directly from Anasoft Studio, we also require some relevant information, so the process of your order will be successful.

A user trying to order an Anasoft product is required to submit all the information in the major parts as shown above. Other information is not required, but filling them will be helpful for our services for you later. We collect the information just for the purpose of user identification, product consulting, post-sales customer services, as well as product statistics. We promise not to provide the information to a third party, and we put the information under strict management to reduce the possibility of accidental information leak.

Privacy Protection Involved in Consulting, Comments and Other Communications
Feedbacks from our users are welcome. For the purpose more people, including current users, can know our product better, we may publish feedback from some of our users at certain time, so our users as a whole may be benefited from other's comments. When we publish the selected feedback information, we will carefully remove information which possibly reveals user's identification. Under certain situation, if we think it's better to publish the personal information of someone sending the feedback, such as real name, or other information that will disclose the user's personal identification, so these materials can be more reliable, we will do it only after we received the user's clear agreement for us to disclose such personal information under this kind of specified situation.

If a review or comment we plan to publish comes from some already published material, we may cite it directly without further request for privacy protection.

Protection for Commercial Privacy of Our Partners
Documentations or Agreements signed by Anasoft Studio and its partners will be protected as our common commercial privacy.

Any way, we reserved the right to publish some of the information in the agreement or documentations under the following special situation:

  • Such information has already been published by our partner or its authorized agent(s).

  • The information has been published by a third part with decent reputation, and our partner hasn't requested the third party to withdraw the publication, and we believe publishing such information will do no harm to our partner.

  • If this company published some information in this agreement or documentation without our consent, and this action has had obvious negative influence to Anasoft Studio, we reserved the right to reveal some other part of corresponding documentation(s) to describe the corresponding facts and stop the running negative influences to Anasoft Studio.

Other Rights a User Has to Protect His/Her Privacy

A harmless user is granted the following rights:

  • Require Anasoft to add or update to latest contact information;

  • Require Anasoft to stop disclosing his/her comments/reviews or privacy information;

  • If he/she doubts about this privacy statement, or any of action relating to his/her privacy, the user can contact us to discuss about it. If we found our statement or action was not suitable, we will make changes.


Under the following special situations, Anasoft Studio reserves the right to disclose some of user's information. Any way, we will still try our best to protect your privacy under these special situations:

  • The information has been released to public by this user or company;

  • This information is requested to be disclosed by some corresponding law under special situation;

  • Leak of password of this user or company for his/her/their own reason caused someone else to access the account, or contacted us in the name of this person or company;

  • Leak, lost, abuse or modification of user's information due to some reason cannot be controlled by Anasoft Studio, such as attack by hacker(s), or some strong computer virus, or by administration intervention, or the information leaked in the mid of the communication between Anasoft Studio and the user or company by some third party;

  • If the user or company has abused or disclosed registration information of our products, or commercial data, or copyright protected work of Anasoft Studio, and the infringement is causing losses to the benefit of Anasoft Studio, we will try to stop such violation of our benefit. If we found it necessary, we will disclose limited information of this user or company in order to help stop such infringement.

  • If we in good-faith believe that disclosure of some personal information of some user will help prevent this user from urgent danger in life, body or properties.

Special Declaration
Anasoft Studio reserves the right to modify this statement at any time to improve it.

Anasoft Studio reserves the right to provide final explanation on any details not clearly explained in above statement. As a rule, we will deal with relevant problems in a way that the benefit and will of a harmless user can be respected and protected.