24Guru User's Guide



24Guru Basics

     1. 24Guru Introduction

     2. System Requirements
3. Rules

          3.1 Standard Rule

          3.2 Advanced Rule

          3.3 J, Q, K Enabled

     4. The Perfect Irrelevant Solutions Provided by 24Guru

     5. Difficulty Level and the Training, Comment and Test of Multiple Solutions for One Question


Using Major Functions

     6.  Checking Solutions

          6.1 Querying Solutions for A Specific Question (Ctrl+S)

          6.2 Instant Solutions (Menu command: Tools -> Instant Solutions)

          6.3 Complete List of All Solutions

     7. Training, Training Game and World Cup

          7.1 Training

          7.2 Training Game and World Cup

     8. Manage Important Questions by Trouble Makers or My Favorites


Advanced Topics

     9. Playing 24-points Game by Cards

     10. How to Become a Master in Calculating 24?

     11. Adjusting UI Layout, Background Image or Background Music

          11.1 Adjusting UI Language

          11.2 Switching between Enlarged UI and Normal UI

          11.3 Adjusting Background Image / Background Color

          11.4 Adjusting Background Sound Effect



     A.1 Irrelevant Solutions

     A.2 Accelerator Keys