Release Notes (Version 1.5)

24Guru 1.5 (April 2012)

1. Fixed the bug that music would stop when moving backward to the first question or forward to the last question in a training, training game or world cup contest.

2. Fixed the bug that questions in "Trouble Makers" or "My Favorites" containing J (11), Q (12) or K (13) could not be saved.

3. Enhanced support for Windows 7.

4. Some other small updates and modifications on program, documentation and web pages.


24Guru 1.4.5 (May 2007)

1. Enhanced support for Windows Vista.

2. Various improvements and revisions on program, UI, language, links and documentation.


Past and Future

24 Calculator keeps improving. When we find it's time to add some new functions or fix some bugs, new version or new build will appear. Please visit


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History of 24Guru


Recent Plan

1. Bug fixes and refinement -- We can always find some thing to improve ... to fix some bugs, to increase calculating speed, to refine UI and documentation, enhance network support, or to be compatible with more and newer running environment...

2. Your suggestions and bug reports - any suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Please send it to: